My research is in the field of eating disorders. I have published the following quantitative research papers in peer-reviewed academic journals:

  • Hepburn, Z.M. and Clark-Stone, S. (2016) The short term effectiveness of day treatment for eating disorders in reducing psychosocial impairment: utilizing the Clinical Impairment Assessment in routine practice. The Mental Health Review Journal, 21(1), 11 – 22. DOI 10.1108/MHRJ-10-2014-0039.
  • Hepburn, Z.M. & Wilson, K. (2014) Effectiveness of adult day treatment for eating disorders. The Mental Health Review Journal, 19 (2), 131 – 144. DOI 10.1108/MHRJ-01-2013-0003.

I have presented the following workshops at international conferences:

  • Fox-Clinch, J., Halliday, K, Hepburn, Z. and Quinn, M. Keeping IPT flourishing and developing outside the training hubs: the supervisor/ supervisee Level B experience. ISIPT Conference London 2015.
  • Hepburn, Z.M., Milsom, I., and Atkinson, C. A group-only based Day Treatment Programme for people with eating disorders: therapy approach, dietetics and clinical outcomes. Eating Disorders International Conference London 2015.

At present I am writing two further reports for publication, one presenting quantitative follow up data relating to Day Treatment for eating disorders; the other presenting quantitative outcome data in relation to Group IPT for binge eating disorder. In addition I am a peer reviewer for the Mental Health Review Journal.