What is Couple Therapy for Depression?

Couple Therapy for Depression helps people suffering from depression by using the relationship as a resource to help support the individual and their partner. It is an ‘evidence-based’ therapy, as research has shown that this kind of couple therapy works. This approach focuses on the relationship in the context of depression.

How does it work?
Couple therapy helps those who are suffering from depression by reducing the kinds of things that make partners feel alone and distressed, or which push partners apart and make them feel angry with each other. It improves your relationship by helping you both to work together on the things that create unhappiness and to move on from stuck and sometimes hostile patterns of interaction. It helps you to understand each other at an emotional level as well as a practical one (how you feel and what you do). It gives you skills as well as understanding. This can lead to a happier and more fulfilling relationship in which differences between you are not so problematic. This relieves depression which in turn improves your relationship. This positive cycle improves mood and emotional wellbeing.

The excerpt above is taken from the Tavistock Relationships guide to Couple Therapy for Depression.

I am listed by Tavistock Relationships as an approved practitioner of Couple Therapy for Depression, having attended an approved course of Group Supervision in Couple Therapy for Depression and having been assessed as meeting the competencies for the modality.