What is IPT?

IPT (or Interpersonal Psychotherapy) aims to help people reduce their symptoms of psychological distress and improve their relationships. It can be particularly suitable for people whose emotional difficulties are strongly linked to unhelpful patterns in their relationships, for example: chronic loneliness or struggling to make any meaningful close relationships; patterns of conflict/discord in one or more relationships; a major life-change; or struggling to grieve normally after a bereavement. IPT is a here-and-now, goal-directed treatment that helps people to recognise how the past has impacted on the present, acknowledge that we can’t change other people, but we can gain more control over how we manage our relationships in order to get our needs met in these relationships. IPT is recommended by the National Institute of Care Excellence (NICE) as a treatment for depression.

I am accredited as an IPT practitioner by IPTUK. This means that I have been trained by an approved trainer on an approved course, have been assessed as meeting the IPTUK professional standards, I am receiving clinical supervision from an accredited IPTUK supervisor and I am bound by the IPTUK professional code of conduct. Please click this link to visit the IPTUK website. https://www.iptuk.net/